Coming 2 America should have stayed in America

Coming 2 America, the sequel to the 1988 classic Coming to America, was one of 2021’s highly anticipated blockbusters. But it’s turned out to be another tone deaf attempt by American’s to embrace Africa. The film was released last week on Amazon Prime and mostly panned by reviewers. The filmmakers’ efforts took us back to a pre-Wakanda Africa – and made us all cringe. While Black Panther did the work to make the fictional African country of Wakanda authentic, and pay homage to real African cultures, the “Zamunda” of the Eddie Murphy movie held none of that nuance. 🙄

The sequel was haunted with the patriarchy, sexism, and outdated humor of the original – which only worked because it was the ‘80s and, quite honestly, we didn’t know better. 

In one silver lining, South African actress Nomzamo Mbatha was one of the film’s breakout stars, catching the hearts of global audiences. Local audiences, however, were quite confused when they heard her “African” accent on screens. We’re still trying to locate its origins. If you find them let us know?