INTERNATIONAL: Kimye over? Say it ain’s so

Here at The Wrap, we’re not beneath a little celebrity gossip – especially when it offers a larger comment on the human condition. So, the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be getting divorced got our attention. It’s been interesting to watch how Kim has managed the very public challenges of her husband’s bipolar disorder. Kanye refuses to take medication for his condition,  saying it stunts his artistry – not uncommon for those with the condition.

In the middle of last year, the rapper went through a sustained bipolar episode, with all the hallmarks of textbook mania, with the added bonus of millions at his disposal and global attention. He made rambling, shocking statements, staged a series of bizarre meetings with Trump and ran for US president. During this time he severely undermined his wife, attacking and exposing her. She defended him and called for compassion as he battled the condition. He later apologised for these mishaps, but one can only imagine the toll this would take on any partner.

Apparently, the two, who have four kids together, have gone for marriage counselling. In the past they seem to have benefited from each other’s influence. Kanye became calmer – committing to his faith as a Christian and starting a weekly church service of sorts. Kim became less superficial, studying to become a lawyer and working in prison reform. Sure, there’s more important things to care about in the world, but there’s also a little space for us to hope they pull through. 

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