The good news edition: Our Take

Unless you’ve been asleep under a rock on Mars for the past year – in which case, you’re probably toast anyway – you know how hard 2020 has been. In fact, there are probably alien life forms in plumes of sulphuric acid on Jupiter’s moons who are feeling more positive as the year ends. Ok, that’s a tad dramatic, but it has been a really hard year. 

Which is why we’ve decided to bring you an explain Good News Edition. As we started to plan it, we realised how much good news there is to go around. 

SA is changing for the better in so many ways. Yes, really. 

Our courts have made our country more just, while scientists have made the world a better place. And internationally, there have been seismic shifts (you’re fired, Donald). 

There’s been no shortage of South Africans who have done us proud this year, and on the leadership front, women have excelled. There’s also the Covid-19 vaccine, and greenshoots in the economy after a torrid year of job losses.

But for us, the biggest news story of 2020 has been how the wheels of justice have (finally) started to turn. 

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has had its work cut out for it, with over a decade of state capture and corruption to probe and prosecute. In 2020, NPA head Shamila Batohi and her team took no prisoners, which is why we’ve dedicated the first section of this edition to accountability.

Meanwhile, the State Capture Commission of Inquiry, now in its final year, was depressing to watch at times. It exposed how deep the rot of government corruption goes. But the way deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo and his team carried out their work, mercilessly but fairly tracing every lost rand and cent, was admirable.

So, while Covid changed our country for the worse in many ways, with so many of our friends and family falling ill, SA is looking brighter in other ways. 

Here’s to a fairer, healthier, happier SA in 2021!

This editorial was originally published in our special edition Christmas Wrap here.

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