BRIEF: Ramaphosa CAN tell Ace to step aside after all

We reported last week that the ANC received legal advice which said it could not suspend members suspected of corruption. But an independent new legal opinion says it can, according to News24, as this is in line with a rule adopted by the NEC. Ramaphosa’s allies are pushing for the same, Daily Maverick reported. As we also reported last week, ANC leaders accused of wrongdoing have stepped aside when asked to do so in the past. The new opinion could strengthen Ramaphosa’s hand when he goes to an NEC meeting this weekend – a meeting that, reportedly, could decide ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule’s fate.

Speaking of corruption, the ANC is not alone in having endless talkshops about corruption when the answers are right in front of it. The government has yet another anti-corruption plan on the cards. Approved at a Cabinet meeting two weeks ago, the plan involves creating an anti-corruption advisory council, and a range of plans and policies. In our view, instead of spending money on more salaried positions and talkshops, the government should just make sure the NPA and the police are properly funded to ensure that they can do their jobs.

This brief was originally published in The Wrap here.