BRIEF: Hope in the time of Covid-19

The pandemic undoubtedly took a lot from many of us, but for a group of homeless people at a Durban beachfront, it was an opportunity to grow (literally) and give back. The ten men living in an emergency camp on Durban’s beachfront used Covid-19 as an opportunity to start a vegetable garden on vacant land nearby, and it’s FLOURISHING!  They started growing spinach in June and now they’re supplying their fresh harvests of tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, onions and more to big time grocers like Boxer, the Mail & Guardian reported. They’re now speaking to the municipality to give them access to more land so they can increase their productivity and grow their business. By the end of November, they had generated R30 000 for their members. Now that’s fresh! 

This brief was originally published in The Wrap here.