Zuma at Zondo

Here’s your quick guide to news you need to know this week:

  1. Jacob Zuma is finally appearing at the state capture inquiry this week, after being implicated by a number of previous witnesses. Expect a lot of bluster, denial and claims of being victimised. So a lot like his presidency, then. The blow-by-blow accounts of the commission may be exhausting but they’re inching us closer and closer to the truth – even if the inquiry will only wrap in a year, prosecutions will hopefully happen before then.
  2. There’s an all-out battle happening around Pravin Gordhan – again. This time journalists are getting involved, the Sars “rogue unit” has made a come-back and it’s pretty messy. There’s been ELEVEN reports on the unit with different findings. Our advice: wait for the court case and for evidence to actually be tested and decided on before getting dragged into this exhausting saga.
  3. And now for the good news: You hear all about the corrupt premiers who have wrecked so many provinces. Read here about this new Northern Cape premier who would rather buy ambulances for his people than cars for government officials.

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