Murder most foul: Did Kelly kill Senzo?

The Senzo Meyiwa murder has kept South Africans enthralled for years. We didn’t think the details of the case could get more explosive, yet the stakes ratcheted up a notch yesterday morning, during the trial against the five men accused of killing the football star. 

The defence dropped a bombshell by claiming that they had a witness who could prove that Meyiwa was shot by his girlfriend at the time, musician Kelly Khumalo! There has since been lots of speculation about who this witness might be. Some have suggested it is Khumalo’s estranged sister, Zandile Khumalo-Gumede, after she posted the cryptic lyrics to her new song on Instagram shortly after the court bombshell, where she references blowing a whistle. 

Khumalo-Gumede was one of those present on that fateful evening on 26 October 2014, when Meyiwa was shot and killed. The shooting took place at Khumalo’s mother’s house in Vosloorus, in what has been described as a “robbery gone wrong”. Those present have given conflicting accounts of what happened. 

We unpacked the ins and out of the case earlier this year but as the trial date finally approached, so did the twists in the tale. 

🔹Last year, Sifiso Meyiwa, the brother of the late soccer star, claimed police told him that the five accused men were not his brother’s killers. 

🔹The advocate representing four of the accused, Malesela Dan Teffo, was dramatically arrested WHILE in court for the Meyiwa matter last month. His arrest was related to a separate matter – a failed court appearance in Hillbrow for assault.

🔹A key state witness, Brigadier Philani Ndlovu, died. 

🔹There were arguments against a documentary film crew being allowed to film during court proceedings: the judge ultimately allowed it. 

🔹In some of the more bizarre claims, social media users argue that Khumalo’s song “Ngwathwala Ngaye” (loosely translated to “I made a sacrifice with him”) is proof that she’s guilty of the murder.

Expect even more drama and intrigue as the trial plays itself out, but ultimately, we all want justice for the Meyiwa family.

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