Matshidiso: A crowdfunding funeral app

Funerals are stressful. Between the grief, making the arrangements and having to cover burial costs it can be too much to handle. 

And a proper send-off is expensive. A report by Sanlam noted funerals can cost anything from R6000 for a low-income group to R50 000 for a middle-class income group, and beyond. That’s a lot of money. 😬

When KZN was devastated by floods, many people wanted to help but didn’t know where to start. The floods claimed 459 lives and some families still need help with funeral costs. 

A new feature on the funeral organisation website and app Sendoff could offer willing donors a way to connect directly with people who have lost a loved one. 

Sendoff is a South African application that allows you to digitally arrange the funeral of your loved one, from picking the casket, to choosing where you want them to be laid to rest. It even has sections dedicated to catering, ordering flowers and even transport options. 

But it is the introduction of a particularly South African feature that has us excited: The app is soon launching a crowdfunding function that will allow people to donate much-needed funds to users to cover someone’s funeral costs. This is a common practice, particularly among black South Africans, and now there’s a way to do it easily. 

The crowdfunding platform, named Matshidiso (meaning comfort in Sesotho), will be launched by August, CEO Zolani Matebese told Business Insider South Africa. 

It will essentially operate similar to a mobile money account that allows users to receive funds from donors.

This app could help South Africans rally together to help people such as the families of the KZN victims give their loved ones a proper sendoff. Now that’s ubuntu.

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