Adulting: yet another petrol price hike

We may not be locked down by the government (see more on Covid regulations in the next brief), but yet another petrol price hike means many people are stuck at home anyway. 😒 The price of petrol increased again on Wednesday – the second time in less than a month! This time petrol 95, petrol 93 and diesel increased by 75 cents a litre. This effectively pushes the price of petrol above R20 a litre for the first time in Gauteng and inland provinces. (So much for all those romantic long drives you had planned. 😬)

Don’t get mad at the government, though – it doesn’t determine the petrol price. Instead, blame international oil prices and high taxes, worsened by a weaker rand. 

There was a slightly funny side to the latest price hike: the department of mineral resources and energy made a mistake in its initial announcement, overstating the increase. While the petrol price still went up on Wednesday, it was not by 81c as the department incorrectly first stated. The extra 6 cents was included for the adjustment of wages for service station workers, but this had already been implemented in September 2021. Looks like someone’s brain is out of petrol, too…

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