Adele changes the game

We all have that one teacher who has completely changed our lives. For Adele, it was the woman who taught her English for one year in high school, Miss McDonald (whose first name seems to be a well-guarded secret!)

During her performance at the London Palladium on Sunday night Adele burst into tears when she was surprised with a reunion with Miss McDonald. “You really did change my life,” the singer said, adding: “I’ve still got all my books, you know? All my books from when you were my teacher.” A teary Adele explained that Miss McDonald ignited her passion for writing and English Literature and inspired her career as a songwriter. 🥺

Her latest album, 30, is a massive hit and the singer has made at least one streaming giant think twice about its features. Last week she tweeted that her only wish for the music industry was for Spotify to remove its shuffle feature. She tweeted, “We don’t create albums with so much care and thought into our tracklisting for no reason.” Spotify tweeted a reply: “Anything for you” – and removed the feature, which has long been a bugbear for artists. Premium subscribers can now listen in the order the artist intended, while those on the free plan will have to put up with the platform’s shuffle feature for a little longer. 

In other celeb news, you may have heard that Britney Spears is now free of the legal conservatorship we told you about previously. It saw her treated like a child for over a decade, unable to make medical decisions, sign her own contracts, and spend her own money. It took the mammoth power of millions of fans and Spears herself: she resorted to desperate measures to sneak messages out about the conditions she was living under, in a bid to regain her freedom. 💪🏽 More than a million other Americans living under conservatorships aren’t so lucky, and the spotlight has turned to potential abuses of this incredibly restrictive form of guardianship. 

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