Adele is back!

One divorce, a few years of mental health issues and some dramatic weight loss later, our favourite British pop star, Adele, is back. She’s about to release an album that will break and mend our hearts, simultaneously. It’s what she does, after all. Adele is due to release her newest album 30, on 19 November, six years after releasing her last album, 25 – both a nod to her age at the time of significant events in her life. Speaking to Vogue, Adele said the album is her way of explaining her divorce to her nine year old son, and why, as she puts it, she chose to dismantle his life to pursue her own happiness, and whether she can ever forgive herself for that. 😔

Interestingly, Adele is arriving into a music scene that has changed drastically since she left. 

Six years ago, streaming services like Spotify were only beginning to emerge. Now, making music for audiences across platforms could be challenging for the artist and her team. As the Wall Street Journal notes, “Listening has become more fragmented than ever.” One music industry analyst said we are in a post-album era. “Music fans churn through music more quickly…That’s what she’s up against.”

Will 30 be the shared cultural moment we experienced with 21 or even 25, with her soulful crooning playing nearly everywhere? This is Adele. We’re guessing she’ll still make an impact. 🤩

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