Accountability Monitor

  1. EU returns J&J vaccines to South Africa

We’ve told you about this before: In a weird and modern twist on colonialism, the contract between SA and Johnson & Johnson to fill-finish its vaccine had a loophole that required SA to give those doses to the European Union – which already had a stockpile. 😕 But thanks to Ramaphosa’s intervention, the contract has been converted to a licence agreement that relinquishes J&J’s control over where the vaccines can go. The doses were returned, and now the vaccines will go to the African countries that desperately need them. 

  1. Julius Malema guilty of breaching ethical codes

Ah, Julius Malema, the loud-mouth red beret who always has something to say. But this time, his comments have come back to bite him on the backside. 

Malema was found guilty for breaching Parliament’s code of ethical conduct on two counts. First, he made a comment on migrants, saying they should find more “creative ways” to enter the country when the hard lockdown was imposed last year. 😬 

Malema also breached the ethics code when he questioned judge Keoagile Elias Matojane during the controversial Judicial Service Commission (JSC) interviews in April. Since Malema is a representative of the National Assembly on the JSC he should not have asked questions about a case that related to him personally, the committee said. 

We’re especially glad about this one, because the JSC interviews were a dog show and politicians need to stop turning these processes to select our judges into personal vendettas. The committee has left it up to the National Assembly to take action against Malema, TimesLive reported. According to the code, Malema could be reprimanded by the house and/or have some of his salary docked.

  1. Deokaran’s alleged killers in the dock

You may have heard about murdered health department official Babita Deokaran. She was shot outside her house on 23 August. Her work at the department of health may have made her a target: she was overseeing an investigation into a R332m corrupt personal protective equipment (PPE) deal. Several politicians and commentators spoke out, praising her work and calling for better protection for people like her. 

Justice is thankfully happening quite fast. Six suspects linked to the murder appeared for the second time before the Johannesburg Central Court on Monday. 

In another case, two municipal directors in the Eastern Cape had death threats delivered to their door, in the form of bullets attached to a picture of themselves and a note saying “you are next”, News24 reported. The two directors are currently presiding over the disciplinary hearings of at least three managers in the municipality who are being investigated on charges relating to fraud and corruption and negligence. 

It is ordinary people like these who are at the coalface of fighting corruption. We must protect them. 

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