R350 relief grant reintroduced

What can R350 a month buy?

If you earn less than R800 a month – which, according to a UN report from December, is true for one in five South Africans – the answer is “quite a lot”. That’s why the reintroduction of the R350-a-month Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is good news for many: it means food on the table, taxi fare, an item of clothing or medication. The grant will go to 10 million South Africans in dire need of financial support, who have been especially affected by Covid-19 and the recent unrest. Ramaphosa made the announcement on Sunday, saying that the “slight improvement in revenue collection” will fund the grant, set to stay in place until March 2022. 

Finance minister Tito Mboweni said the grant will cost the government around R27 billion. This time, people including unemployed caregivers who currently receive child support grants also qualify. If you or anyone you know is eligible for the grant, you can apply at https://www.gov.za/coronavirus/socialgrants.

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