SA soldiers want swanky new togs – with a R200m price tag

If you were the head of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and were given a budget of R200 million, what would you spend it on? Improving operations, equipment, compensation? We’d think so, but instead, the SANDF has decided to spend this huge amount of money on army uniforms. 😕 Did the fashion police come at them for their poor taste in clothes? No. The change comes to “restore the dignity of the army to its rightful glory” in the country, its spokesperson said.

The current pattern on the uniform has been in use since 1994 so the hope is to change the perception around the army. Additionally it aims to accomodate all body forms, because it was found that the fit is not “female-body-profile friendly”, while also attracting more youth to join the force (influencer much?). 💁🏽 The sudden change seems a little nonsensical, especially since the SANDF is facing a budget reduction of R15-billion which will heavily impact its spending on more important things like equipment, the Mail and Guardian reported. Look, we’re all for nationalism, identity and inclusivity, but during a pandemic, we’d like to think the money could be funnelled to more pressing issues.

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