The big story: Covid 3.0

In case you haven’t noticed yet… South Africa is in the midst of the third wave. Sigh. Despite our collective Covid fatigue, it’s important to once again try and limit your interactions. In the past week, hospitalisations increased by 17%; the number of positive cases also continues to rise, averaging about 3000 daily. 

What does this mean for us? 

Experts have asked the government to introduce further restrictions or bring the country to lockdown level 2 from our current level 1 before things get out of control. Some of the recommendations include restrictions on large gatherings and extending the curfew, which is now between midnight and 4 am. The government might not take your alcohol away this time, but it will need to take serious precautions – especially because, not to get too Game of Thrones about it, Winter is coming. The virus flourishes in colder weather. Prepare for a family meeting soon, South Africa. 

How is our vaccine rollout going?

Those older than 60 are a little confused about whether they can go and get their first jab of the Pfizer- BioNtech vaccine even if they haven’t received an SMS from the department of health. First, they were told to register and wait patiently. Then we had to watch as others just walked in and got their shot. 

Well, now you can do the same – if you qualify. According to National Health Department spokesperson Popo Maja, although it is not encouraged, you can get vaccinated even if you did not get an SMS. You just need to make sure that you registered on the government’s Electronic Vaccine Data System (EVDS) first. You can then go to your nearest vaccination site and get your jab – if there’s stock available on that day, The South African reported

South Africa is rather behind on its goal to vaccinate 250 000 people a day. By week two, we’ve only been able to vaccinate just over 170 000 elderly people. We’ll need to increase the rate by eight times to catch up, Bhekisisa editor Mia Malan tweeted. 

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