Ramaphosa will have his day(s) at the state capture commission

Remember when we told you the Zondo Commission of Inquiry HAD to finish up at the end of this month and that NO MORE extensions would be granted? Well… it’s managed to get another three-month extension to conclude by June. 😬 Look, we think it’s a good idea given how many people still need to testify – chief among them President Cyril Ramaphosa. He is now expected to testify at the commission in April. Business Day is reporting that Ramaphosa will first appear on 22 and 23 April in his capacity as president of the ANC and then again on 28 and 29 April in his capacity as the president of South Africa and as former deputy president under Zuma; after all, the lost decade of State Capture happened while Ramaphosa was deputy. 
With Zuma under the spotlight and the ANC implicated in several corruption cases, Ramaphosa will have to provide insight and evidence into some of his predecessor’s dealings. Ramaphosa has previously detailed his interactions with the Gupta family in a six-page affidavit stating he had met them three times from 2012, adding that the interactions did not go beyond basic greetings and pleasantries, Business Day reported. Save the dates. It’s going to be a highly watched testimony, given that Ramaphosa’s enemies in the ANC – generally those who were part of the looting culture under Zuma – are looking for ways to nail him.