Pick n Pay giant’s tribute to SA

Raymond Ackerman, the iconic South African businessman who took over the Pick n Pay chain and made it what it is today, turned 90 last week. Ackerman’s real business journey kicked off after he was fired from his position as MD of Checkers, as BusinessLive reports. It was in the 1960s and, with South Africa’s political climate at the time, Ackerman considered emigrating and starting a business of his own somewhere else. But Ackerman, then a father of three, decided to stay. Years later, he has no regrets. Neither do we! In a heartwarming open letter, Ackerman commented on the resilience of South Africans and how we as a nation have been handling the pandemic. “Yet we are still standing, and the way in which people have got on with life in the most trying circumstances and cared for one another along the way is a source of great hope for the future.” He added that we must not lose hope and is positive that in the next 60 years, South African businesses will be booming. If there was a tip we could share from the 90 year-old, it’s: “In short, doing good is good business. If we rebuild our economy on this basis, our future will be secure.” 🙌🏾