BRIEF: YouTube bans Trump

You know things are bad when even YouTube thinks your videos are insane. YouTube, where you can watch anything from monkeys with British accents to cats bullying each other into boxes “without any remorse” (yes, we checked) , has temporarily banned Donald Trump.

Forbes reported this week that YouTube took down a video posted on Trump’s channel for violating its policies about inciting violence, and has banned him from posting any more content for a week. It’s not clear what the offending video entailed, but it appears to have been a clip from a recent rally. This follows bans by both Twitter and Facebook, after the social media giants drew enormous criticism for not acting sooner. Trump used his accounts to praise rioters who stormed the US Capitol last week and spewed lies about the US election. Facebook’s timing, particularly, is rather opportunistic: The platform tiptoed around Trump and his followers, who spent enormous amounts on advertising on the platform. Mark Zuckerberg famously said the social media giant should not be the final arbiter of free speech. Now that Trump is out, and the platforms are accused of having blood on their hands, they have FINALLY acted.

This brief was originally published in The Wrap here.