BRIEF: What’s up with Bill Gates?

This week, “Kill Bill” trended on Twitter. Nope, it wasn’t a new Quentin Tarantino movie, as some Uma Thurman fans might have hoped. (After two films, that Bill really is dead.) Rather, “Kill Bill” was about killing Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates. Apparently, Gates and his merry band of thieves over at the World Health Organisation are trying to implant microchips in vaccines.  Tarantino would be proud. Actually, The New York Times reported, Gates and his foundation have poured billions of dollars into (legitimate, non-microchipped) vaccine development and distribution around the world. He isn’t profiting from vaccines in any way. There is some criticism over Gates’ approach, in terms of upholding the status quo: for-profit corporations as the main supplier of vaccines. But with his access to the right networks, pharmaceutical honchos and governments, he has helped mobilise help for millions. Kill Bill? Let’s all get vaccinated instead, please

This brief was originally published in The Wrap here.