Keep winter bugs at bay

Covid-19 is starting to feel like a nightmare from which we’re finally, slowly being roused. But with winter en route there are fresh concerns about another wave of the virus hitting SA. This is the nature of a pandemic, unfortunately. Experts say the predicted winter spike won’t be as bad as previous waves; however, this week SA recorded its highest number of positive cases since February. Here’s how to protect yourself as colder weather moves in:

  • Mask up. Just because wearing masks outdoors is longer mandatory doesn’t mean we’re exempt from being responsible human beings. The scientific evidence shows that masks work: Dr Scott Gottlieb, a former commissioner for the US’s Food and Drug Administration, told CNBC this week that one-way masking (you wear a mask even if others remain unmasked) can help guard against Covid.
  • Get your boosters and flu vaccines. Covid-19 is not the only bug going around; flu season is approaching and you don’t want to deal with a snotty nose and dry cough on top of the cold, right?

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