It has been five weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine, leading to thousands of lives lost, millions of people displaced and several cities destroyed. This week, the two nations restarted peace talks and we’re seeing tiny signs of progress. 

Officials from both nations met for in-person talks in Turkey this week, but no action or resolution has been made so far – not even a short-term cease-fire or major progress towards a broader peace deal. But Russia DID announce yesterday that it would “drastically reduce” military combat in two key areas in Ukraine to boost trust amid peace talks: the capital, Kyiv, and the northern city of Chernihiv.

Still, officials from Ukraine, the UK and the US are treading cautiously. One Ukrainian official says they are preparing for a major Russian offensive against other areas of eastern Ukraine. They’re particularly worried after Russia’s chief negotiator, Vladimir Medinsky, said his country’s latest actions were “not a ceasefire” but that they are hoping to gradually reach a de-escalation of conflict. 

It could be weeks if not months before we see some end to a war that has already ruined millions of lives and livelihoods. The two parties are set to continue talks via video conference on Friday. 

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