Chicken Licken clucks it up

Chicken Licken, famous for its hot wings and “soul food”, made headlines this week for an action that lacked any soul: threatening legal action against a self-catering lodge that dared to use the word “soul” in its name. The Durban lodge, Soulhouse, insists it wasn’t trying to be spicy and was astonished to receive a letter from Chicken Licken demanding a name change. Soulhouse won’t be bullied, saying it does not sell food and therefore does not need to remove the word from its name. But Chicken Licken’s lawyers are licking their lips, insisting they’ll go to court if Soulhouse doesn’t blink first in this game of chicken. (We’re sorry.) 

The fast food chain has gone to court to enforce its “Soul Food” and “Soul” trademarks previously, but it lost on both occasions. We love those hot wings as much as the next person but WTF? Does Chicken Licken have an enormous legal budget it really loves spending, or is this some perverse form of marketing? Come on, Chicken Licken, save the heat for your cooking! 🔥

This article appeared as part of The Wrap, 10 March  2022. Sign up to receive our weekly updates.