#Adulting: Booking for your driver’s licence

Two updates here:

🔹_Your licence_

Several licensing centres across Gauteng have been closed after the National Driving School Association of SA protested against a new online driving licence and testing booking system. The new system saves you and me a buck, as we can make bookings ourselves, without necessarily going through third parties like a driving school instructor. Previously, a driving school instructor could financially benefit from booking a slot for a learner driver; the new system means they lose some money. There have also been complaints of instructors over-booking slots to make more money – the new system essentially prohibits this practice. The association said it will take legal action to suspend the new system. 

The system that’s caused all the trouble was launched last month in an attempt to curb the inconvenience of physically going to booking centres and waiting in queues, as well as removing the risk of spreading Covid-19, the Road Traffic Management Corporation said. The new system can be accessed via the government’s driving licence portal. 

🔹_Your municipal bill_

If you’re a Joburg resident, you’ll be pleased to know that the City of Johannesburg has decided to extend its Debt Rehabilitation Programme. The programme was to expire this week but has been extended until 30 June 2022. If you’re indebted to the city, you can get up 50% written off.  The programme is meant to ease the financial burden on ratepayers, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The debt write-off only applies to residents whose combined property value is below R1.5m, for NGOs and other businesses that make less than R3m. For account holders to qualify for a 50% debt write-off, they must be in arrears for more than 90 days with a gross monthly income below R22 000. 

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