DStv cracks down on password sharing

DStv subscribers are an unhappy lot this week after parent company MultiChoice announced that it will limit online video streaming across Africa from its platform to one device at a time. 💁🏽‍♀️ It’s trying to crack down on password sharing and piracy – so, no more streaming MasterChef on your tablet while your spouse watches football on their computer. You may be able to have four registered devices per account but you can only watch TV with your decoder and stream to a single internet-enabled device at the same time. You can, however, download content for offline viewing on your other registered devices. The change will come into effect on 22 March (oh, and price changes are due in April 😑). The new policy won’t affect Showmax, a streaming service also owned by MultiChoice. The company recently launched its new Showmax Pro package in SA, offering subscribers an expanded version of the streaming service with a limited selection of live sport, entertainment and news.

So what now? Showmax and Netflix are great for certain content, but many people keep DStv for its premium live sports offering. But the market is rapidly changing, as Twitter’s self-proclaimed “Go-To Finance Bro”, fintech guru Koshiek Karan pointed out recently. There are tons of online streaming subscription apps, or IPTVs, available these days. They include sports channels and are WAY cheaper than DStv, which is based on an outdated business model. BUT you need to do your homework: some IPTVs have a dizzying number of channels you may never need. 🤓

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