What’s with all the rain?

Heavy rains in Tshwane over the weekend caused floods in Centurion, Pretoria West and Mamelodi that claimed five lives. Nearly 800 people were displaced; thankfully, many have been temporarily housed in community halls and churches and provided with food packages until they can get back on their feet. 😓 It wasn’t South Africa’s first flash flood of the year. In January, torrential rain and heavy flooding hit the Eastern Cape; 14 people were confirmed dead and there was heavy property damage.

Floods are becoming a perennial problem and meteorologists warn of wetter than usual rainy seasons across southern Africa. It’s not just a result of climate change, but also due to a weather pattern called La Niña which started in December 2021. Experts also say tropical storm Ana, which made landfall in late January, caused heavy flooding while the upcoming tropical cyclone Batsirai is affecting the southern Indian Ocean and will cause another spate of heavy rains and floods when it makes landfall this year. 🌪️ Authorities say this is NOT a cause for panic but it is a scary reality. Stay safe out there. 

This article appeared as part of The Wrap, 11 February 2022. Sign up to receive our weekly updates.