What’s with the weird weather we’ve been having?

We’re not just making conversation: the weather has been seriously strange lately. Cape Town, which usually has dry, hot summers, experienced rains in December, as did the Eastern Cape which has been drought-stricken for several years. Meanwhile, Joburg’s hot girl summer was cancelled because of several unusually cold days, followed by really hot days that left everyone too sweaty to pose. 🙄 We’re grateful that the rains helped the Vaal Dam surpass its capacity. But, seriously: does this mean it’s the start of Armageddon? The Citizen spoke to Liesl Dyson, Associate Professor in meteorology at the University of Pretoria, who explained that recent weather patterns were mostly a result of “cut-off low pressure systems” or COLs.

This is a low, large type of atmospheric pressure that develops around seven to 10 km above sea level and largely contributes to rainy weather. Dyson told the publication that rain around this period is not uncommon, but that these COLs are becoming more frequent – as is to be expected because of climatic shifts. The Conversation Africa reported that the southern African region is especially vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. From heavy rains to droughts, extreme heat or biting cold days; four seasons in one day is slowly becoming the norm. 🥵🥶🤷🏽‍♀️

This article appeared as part of The Wrap, 13 January 2022. Sign up to receive our weekly updates.