Shell’s plans shelved… again

In a momentous victory for environmental activists, the High Court in Makhanda ordered Shell to temporarily halt its seismic survey along the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape. 

The court granted an interim interdict on 28 December; it stands until a ruling can be made on whether further environmental authorisation is required, Bloomberg reported. The survey seeks to detect and extract oil from the mineral-rich area by blasting sound waves into the ocean, potentially causing great harm to marine life. 

Activists have been against the survey from the start. A first interdict was issued against Shell at the eleventh hour on 1 December, but two days later the High Court in Makhanda dismissed the ruling citing lack of evidence, so Shell went ahead with the survey. The second interdict was granted on appeal and sent Shell packing, literally, as Bloomberg reported: 

“…and just a few days later the vessel named the Amazon Warrior headed back around the Cape of Good Hope.” 🚢 Good riddance – let’s hope it won’t be back.

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