An easy-to-read Zondo summary? Yes please!

Deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo probably won’t have a restful festive season: he’s got less than a month to complete and submit the highly anticipated report on his findings from the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture. His d-day is 1 January 2022, after he was granted more extensions than a first-year humanities student. 😆 The inquiry, which cost South Africa almost R1 billion and lasted a gruelling three years, heard testimonies from key figures who were known to be involved in or who witnessed the state capture project, orchestrated by the infamous Gupta family and aided by Zuma & Co. 

The Commission also heard from investigator Paul Holden and former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein, who traced the Gupta’s financial statements, and found that they indirectly stole nearly R50 billion from South Africa. 😒 It’s going to be one helluva report full of legal terms, jargon and perhaps unfamiliar names, so thankfully the Human Sciences Research Council has advocated for the commission’s lawyers to create a short, easy-to-read version for public consumption. We suggest you brace yourself for the findings and arm yourself with the details to continue holding power to account. 

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