Joburg outranks Cape Town in global city list

Cape Town, we’re sorry to tell you this, but Joburg rules – and that’s science. The City of Gold has finished a whopping 26 places above the Mother City in a global ranking of how top cities have responded to the pandemic. 

Joburg is also ranked best among 13 other African cities, according to the 2021 Global Cities report compiled by Kearny, a global management consultancy firm. Out of 156 cities across the globe, Joburg came in at 55 and Cape Town at 81 – dropping a couple of places from its 77 placement last year. We know what our Capetonian readers are thinking right now. What about the mountain?! The cities are not ranked for their natural beauty (CT would have definitely won if this was the case) but rather on their ability to retain global capital, people and ideas, and to sustain this performance in the long term. New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo remained as the top four cities, but the report points out rankings will likely change as the true effects of the pandemic become more apparent in 2022. Until then, the explain offices in Joburg are going to bask in this momentary one-up on Cape Town. 😝

This article appeared as part of The Wrap, 9 December 2021. Sign up to receive our weekly updates.