Kidnapped Moti brothers safely home

Everyone who has followed the dramatic, harrowing story of the Moti brothers can breathe a sigh of relief: the boys have been safely returned to their parents. The four brothers, aged between 15 and 7, were kidnapped by seven armed men while en route to Polowane’s Curro Heuwelkruin private school on 21 October. Anxious weeks have followed, with many South Africans rallying behind the family to offer prayers and support. On Wednesday night the boys’ parents received a phone call to collect their children who, according to reports, arrived at a house in Vuwani, also in Limpopo, after being dropped off on a nearby road. Police have confirmed that the boys are in good health but they’re very tightlipped on the details – they say revealing too much would compromise the investigation and they’re still hoping to make arrests.  

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