COP26: activists fear it’s all just hot air

Jeff Bezos, who regularly swaps the world’s richest man spot with Elon Musk, has come out in support of Planet Earth rather than space for a change. He pledged US$2 billion (R30 billion) to combat climate change and address food security and reforestation, among other commitments, at the COP26 conference in Glasgow. Will he stick to it? Bezos’ pledge is one of many made to aid poorer countries.

 But history shows such promises often aren’t kept. A recent report showed wealthy nations missed their 2012 promise to contribute $100bn a year in aid to poorer nations. COP26 has been awash with generous pledges as pressure mounts on the wealthy, but activists are concerned about “green washing”  – lots of talk and no action. It ends tomorrow, so next week we’ll tell you the news you need to know.

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