Learn to make money from #FinTok

Investing and financial education is such a complicated topic. No one wants to sit through an hour-long seminar or read long-form articles about the best ways to save money. But while it may be boring, money management is also an important life skill. Trust millennials, then, to turn dry topics into something fun and interesting: #FinTok (Financial TikTok) and StockTok, powered by “finfluencers” (financial influencers). They’re creating short videos – less than three minutes long – with quick finance tips on how and where to invest and how to better manage your money. It’s great for free advice, quick consumption and instant gratification.😌 Buyer beware, though: there have been concerns about the validity of some of the information so, as usual, don’t trust everrry-thing you see on the internet. Do thorough research and seek advice if you’re serious about investing! It’s a gamble, and you deserve to hit, not miss. 

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