SA news eclipses Hollywood’s best efforts

Between claims of government trafficking Tembisa’s most famous babies, to John Wick stalking the streets of Mamelodi, some of the news got us laughing this week. 😜  

The #Tembisa10 story is back in the headlines; Independent Newspapers has doubled down on its bizarre tale of a woman they claimed broke the world record by giving birth to ten babies. Its reputation was thoroughly muddied after no proof was found to support the claims. But the media group’s owner, controversial businessman Iqbal Survé, and journalist Piet Rampedi, have now spun an ever wilder tale involving a shady Nigerian doctor in cahoots with government officials. The same government that can’t keep the lights on? Yeah, sure. 😆 

In a nearly three-hour press briefing, Survé left us with more questions than answers. But stay tuned, folks – he’s promised to deliver those answers through a 10-part series à la Netflix. 😂

Meanwhile, further north, John Wick strode into Mamelodi. No guys, not Keanu Reeves in his famous action role, but a vigilante murderer targeting members of the so-called Boko Haram gang that terrorises people in Mamelodi, particularly foreign shop owners, extracting a “protection fee” of R300. We do not condone vigilante behaviour, but SA’s reaction had us chuckling: some asked this John Wick to visit their communities, while others told America to stop filming the new John Wick movie – after all, we’ve already seen it. 😉

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