A rollercoaster nightmare

Imagine: you’re at Gold Reef City’s theme park getting onto the Anaconda, a rapid, steep and thrilling rollercoaster. The ride kicks off…then, midway, loadshedding strikes! You’re stuck mid-air, screaming your lungs out because what in the Final Destination is this?! 😳 This was the horrifying reality for 35 people stuck at the peak of a rollercoaster at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka last week. Some riders were hanging upside down for nearly two hours, reports say. It’s all due to a power outage (hey, it’s not JUST a South African thing). Thankfully, no one was injured and staff were able to lead the riders down a passageway to safety. Fancy a ride on a winding rollercoaster? No, thanks. We’ll stick to the Teacups. 😌

This article appeared as part of The Wrap, 28 October 2021. Sign up to receive our weekly updates.