Zuma gambles with medical parole rules

In case you missed it, former president Jacob Zuma was released from prison last Thursday on medical parole. We’ve told you before how problematic it was when a top official last month overturned the medical parole board’s decision to NOT grant Zuma parole. So much for that 15-month jail sentence! 😏 His supporters were jubilant upon his release, celebrating with a welcoming prayer in Durban’s People’s Park. Zuma attended virtually. 

But it’s what happened next that has the country really talking. If you’re released for medical reasons, you need to, firstly, stay in your house and, secondly, rest. Instead, the former president was spotted leaving Sibaya Casino with two of his besties, Carl Niehaus and Dudu Myeni. 😕 Whether he was living it up or not, South Africa’s laws shouldn’t be played like a roulette wheel. Still, while he’s out of prison, he’s not out of the legal woods and still faces trial (any day now, we swear) on charges related to the arms deal.

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