Ready, steady, TRAVEL (safely, please)

International travel – remember that? It’s back, in large part, and you may be considering going overseas for that much needed December holiday. So what do you need to know, given that Covid-19 remains an uncomfortable reality? Skyscanner.net (a nifty little tool that lets you know which countries are safe for travel) reports that South Africans can travel to around 90 countries which have low to moderate level restrictions. These include Brazil, Mexico, Mauritius and the United Kingdom, which recently opened travel to vaccinated individuals, who will no longer need to quarantine on arrival. 

It’s important to look at your dream destination’s requirements and restrictions. Plus, remember to get your vaccination certificate from https://vaccine.certificate.health.gov.za/ if you haven’t already done so – it will make your life sooo much easier. 😌 Most countries require you to be vaccinated or quarantined for between 10 and 14 days. Others will require you to provide a negative PCR test result upon arrival. Before you pack your swimsuit (with matching mask) and summer hats, make sure all these items are organised. ✅

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