Tell us how you really feel, Mike!

Admit it: you’ve dreamed of writing a no-holds-barred, entirely undiplomatic resignation letter. But – adulthood and social conventions being what they are – most of us fall back on polite platitudes even when we’re leaving a terrible work situation. 😏

Mike Waters, a former DA MP and long-time member of the party, apparently has no such qualms. Waters quit as the DA’s party campaign manager in Ekurhuleni on Gauteng’s East Rand because he disapproved of higher-ups’ decision to take down those controversial election posters in Phoenix, KwaZulu-Natal that we told you about last week. “Disapproved” is putting it mildly, as extracts from his resignation letter in Business Day reveal: “I cannot in good conscience fight for votes for a party that crumbles in the face of manufactured hysteria about it stating the truth. He called the party’s leadership “spineless” and “weak”. (The letter is the real deal: asked by Business Day to confirm its authenticity, Waters said: “I’m deeply concerned that you have a copy of my resignation letter, as I only emailed it to five people.”) 

He will stay on as a “vocal” party member, he wrote, but only for “as long as I and other muscular liberals can raise our voices above the bleating of the sanctimonious wokerati undermining the direction of the party”. “Muscular liberals” sounds uncomfortably like it might be a search term on certain pornographic websites. 😂 Also: the DA’s continued dismissal of anyone who opposes it as “woke” is an eye-rolling misunderstanding of the term (here’s a great write-up from Vox about its history and true meaning). But, hey, at least Waters got to live out any disgruntled employees’ dream… we guess?? 🤷🏽‍♀️

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