#Adulting 101

🔹a. Managing exam stress

Exam season is around the corner for school and university students, and with the mounting stress and pressure, especially given the disruptions over the past two years, we need to give the kids as much support as we can. 

If you’re a parent or caregiver, pay extra attention to your child’s mental health and habits at this time. Actively ensure that while they are studying, they are taking care of themselves by eating, sleeping and stretching out every few hours. Don’t pressure your child into acing every exam – some have better skills than others. And when the stress gets too much, as it will, take a moment to understand their feelings and assure them that it will be okay. Sometimes, that’s all they really need to hear. 

To those writing and those cheering them on: you can do it! 🌟

🔹b. Motorists can renew licence discs online

Finally some relief when it comes to renewing car licence discs. 🙌🏽 The Road Traffic Management Corporation together with FNB launched a payment gateway on the NaTIS platform so that motorists can apply for car license disc renewals ONLINE! That means no more long queues and penalties for late renewals – it’s also safer in the era of Covid-19. Motorists must register by visiting the online.natis.gov.za site;  select a province, click Register and then View Motor Renewals and follow the prompts. You can either have the disc couriered to you or printed at a nearby Drivers License Testing Centre. 

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