Green light for SA after UK ‘red list’ debacle?

Will South Africans finally be allowed into England again? You’ll probably know the answer by the time you read this: The Guardian reported that an official announcement about changes to the country’s controversial red list travel system was due sometime “on Thursday”, as we were finishing up The Wrap. The much-criticised approach categorises countries based on their Covid-19 risk level; in South Africa’s case, it seemed to ignore the science and, by Monday, we were still on the red list. 🚥 But, following consultations with Ramaphosa, Reuters reported that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson would open up travel for fully vaccinated individuals from South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia, who will no longer have to fork out to quarantine in a UK hotel. “Fully vaccinated” is the key phrase. It also applies to UK citizens; returning travellers must be fully vaccinated and don’t need a pre-departure test, a test eight days after getting back, or to enter a 10-day self-isolation period. 

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