Accountability Monitor: billions of rands recovered from crime proceeds

The government’s efforts to recover money lost to criminals have paid off. Close to R3.39 billion was recovered in the last financial year. It’s all thanks to Fusion Centre, the A-team that’s fighting and preventing financial crime, along with the Financial Intelligence Centre. 🦸🏽‍♀️

The amount recovered was significantly higher compared to the previous year’s R2.97 billion. 

Plus there’s the separate category of frozen assets, which amounted to R613.2 million, up from R70 million previously.

The Fusion Centre has to date helped recover hundreds of millions of rands in unpaid taxes and opened over 200 cases, Business Insider reported. Unfortunately it has no power to make arrests or order investigations. Still, we like the spirit – and the return of ill-gotten gains! ✊🏽

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