Prelims underway for Matrics of 2021

If you’re a millennial, the word “prelims” will probably give you disturbing flashbacks to your school hall, frustrating late nights trying to understand the Pythagorean theorem, 😭 and the tart taste of Red Bull on your tongue. Oh, the horror! Well, that nightmare kicked off for the Matric class of 2021 this week – and they have it WAY worse than we did. Last year’s Covid-19 disruption was enough to bear. Then this year’s third wave slowed things down even further; so much so, that the mid-year exams were scrapped.

These, then, will be the first formal exam most grade 12s sit in their final school year. It’s scary and a little gloomy, but take heart: some schools are pulling out all the stops to support their matrics. The students at Dendron Secondary School in Limpopo took lengthy evening classes from 6pm, six days a week, allowing teachers to complete the syllabus by the end of May. Students were then able to write the mid-year exams, Times Live reported. It was strenuous, but the strategy has helped the students and the school stay on top. For ten years, its pupils have placed among South Africa’s top 30 matriculants. 🙌🏽 We’re holding thumbs for the entire class of 2021. We believe in you! 

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