Marikana: nine years later

Monday marked NINE years since the Marikana massacre, that terrible day in 2012 when 34 mineworkers at Lonmin’s Marikana mine were shot and killed by police during a protest for increased wages. 

Every year since then, we’ve heard the same phrase: “Still no justice”. This year was no different. The Socio-Economic Rights Institute (SERI) says that to date, no one has been charged and prosecuted for the deaths of the mineworkers on 16 August 2012, though there have been some court cases related to killings and assaults in the days leading up to the massacre. There’s been little if any closure and no justice for those left behind – some families, desperate for any income, have had to send their children back into mines, as New Frame reported. 

But we dare not stop our annual remembrance of this bloody, important day in our collective history. Once again we say: #JusticeForMarikana. ✊🏽

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