Celebrities’ bathing confessions cause a stink

Fans are incensed. Or maybe burning incense, we’re not sure. 😂 Hollywood A-listers are coming out to reveal their bathing habits – and it’s not pretty. 

It started when actors Mila Kunis and hubby Ashton Kutcher appeared on a podcast saying they do not shower every day and that, until they can see and smell the dirt on their children, the kids remain unbathed. With that, a stinky Pandora’s box sprung open and everyone from  Jack Gyllenhaal to Kristen Bell came clean (or not) about their bathing habits. 

Some infrequent bathers say they wait for biological scents to come through, while others argue that they are doing their bit to save the environment. In response celebs like Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa and Jodie-Turner Smith made it clear that they bathe regularly. 

The responses on social media have been hilarious, of course, from a column titled “I Am Begging the Celebs to Please Bathe” to racial analysis of white vs black people’s bathing habits. Look, no judgement from us either way. We’re just here for the memes. 😅

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