Where fashion meets politics

Politically-conscious fashion? We’re here for it! Thebe Magugu is a 27-year-old South African fashion designer whose work has reached the wardrobes of international artists like Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and Issa Rae. But he is no ordinary fashion designer: Magugu aims to take South Africa’s politics and stories to the world. In an interview with Metal Magazine, Magugu said his designs are inspired by Mandy Wiener’s book “The Whistleblowers”, Zapiro’s iconic cartoons and articles published in Daily Maverick.

His clothes tell a story, as he told Metal Magazine: “I think fashion is at its weakest when it’s just a product for a product’s sake and it is at its strongest when it’s addressing society and bringing certain issues to light.” Magugu won the coveted LVMH Prize, awarded by the luxury brand, in 2019 and his first full menswear collection debuted at Pitti Uomo, an influential trade show held annually in Italy. Thebe Magugu: remember the name. 👯

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