Eskom’s Medupi is almost complete

It’s taken seven years longer than planned and its final price tag is set to be R135 billion – way higher than the planned R80 billion – but the Medupi power station, the biggest dry-cooled and most expensive power station in the world, is almost complete. Construction is done, at last; making the announcement on Monday 2 August, Eskom said it will take another 24 months to implement technical solutions for some mechanisms.

Once that work is done, Daily Maverick reported, Eskom promises that “Medupi will reliably deliver power to the national grid at full capacity, helping increase energy security for the country”. That’s a relief: problems at Medupi and its (still incomplete) counterpart, Kusile, are largely responsible for the power outages often experienced in South Africa. This week’s news is long overdue progress, so we’re cautiously celebrating. Together with the recent announcement freeing up independent power producers, our energy future isn’t looking quite as dim

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