Business news in brief

🔷Tiger Brands recalls veg products

Tiger Brands has recalled 20 million of its KOO and Hugo’s vegetable products manufactured between 1 May 2019 and 5 May 2021 after a side seal leak was detected in two cans. In a statement, Tiger Brands said there have been no reports of serious health issues related to the affected product range. The recall caused quite the uproar, bringing back memories of the infamous listeriosis outbreak in which its processed meat division (which it has since sold) was implicated. You can find the manufacturing date at the bottom of the can and, if it falls into the date range, you can return it to a supermarket for a refund.

🔷Mango-es down

South African Airways subsidiary Mango suspended flights and services from 27 July, after the airline failed to pay navigation services to the body responsible for informing pilots where to fly to prevent collisions. This is a further blow to Mango, which entered into business rescue earlier this week. The airline was already in poor standing, having made its last profit in 2018, and was further hit by Covid-19 and travel restrictions. A company in business rescue is handed over to practitioners to see if it can somehow be saved; if not, it is liquidated. If you have a Mango flight booked, you can email them at enquiries@flymango.com.

🔷Transnet back on track

You may have missed this, but last week, Transnet’s IT systems were targeted in a cyberattack. It led to chaos and disruptions at the port’s main terminal, and the company declared a ‘force majeure’, which means unforeseen circumstances that prevent a company from fulfilling a contract. Thankfully things are almost back to normal; News24 reported that most ports are back up and running, though the force majeure will remain in place for a few days before likely being lifted.

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