Climate crisis wreaks havoc across the world

From China to Germany, Belgium, India and the United Kingdom, we’ve seen some worrying images in the past few weeks that show how the climate crisis is escalating. 

In China, 33 people were confirmed dead at the time of writing. They were victims of torrential storms and floods that have ravaged the city of Zhengzhou since last week. 

Similar flooding images have emerged from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands – but on a larger scale. Hundreds of people have died in these three countries and many remain missing. 

Mudslides triggered by heavy monsoon rains have wreaked havoc in India’s most populous city, Mumbai; more than 20 people are dead and many homes and buildings have been submerged by the water.

People living in London and other parts of England, meanwhile, are braving a heatwave as temperatures soar past 33 degrees. We know, we know: it’s easy to laugh at English people suffering from “heatwaves” that are our summer-y norm. But the country wasn’t made for high temperatures. Some of its roads are literally melting… and now, confusingly, it’s expecting hail!

Scientists say these are yet more serious warning signs of the earth warming up. The good news is that the world’s most powerful countries, from the US to China, are on board to tackle climate change. Now we just need them to hurry up. 

This article appeared as part of The Wrap, 22 July 2021. Sign up to receive our weekly updates.