Botswana’s gigantic diamond boom

Last month we reported that residents in and around KwaHlati in KwaZulu-Natal were left disappointed after “diamonds” found in the area turned out to be quartz. But two recent sparkly finds in Botswana are most certainly not fake news. One of the massive diamonds was found at Karowe mine and weighed more than 1,000 carats (the unit of measurement for precious stones).

The other, from the Jwaneng mine, weighed in at 1,174 carats. That’s … a lot of diamond, as two physicists explained in an article for The Conversation. Apparently one of the reasons that bigger gems are being found more often is that new technology helps mines to process ore using x-ray technology specifically targeted at “mega diamond recovery”. It’s good news for our neighbours in Botswana, since diamonds make up a fair portion of the country’s GDP. So, where can we buy some of that x-ray tech…? 💎

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