The wage gap for SA cricketers has been revealed and it’s shocking

What’s with SA cricket and racism? Last year white players lost it when their black counterparts like Lungisani Ngidi chose to kneel in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter protests. This was followed by several former players, like Makhaya Ntini, sharing their own experiences of racial discrimination within the sport.

And so, Cricket SA launched the SJN initiative in July 2020 to tackle the ongoing racism claims. It is being heralded as being the “TRC of cricket” in SA.

This week saw its first hearings, and we got a glimpse of the shocking extent of institutionalised racism AND sexism in the sport when it comes to the bottom line – what people get paid. 

Former Cricket South Africa director Dr Eugenia Kula-Ameyaw was the first to testify and revealed that the widest earning gap exists between men and women. 

Kula-Ameyaw based the following figures on averages calculated from data she studied before a human resources committee meeting, News24 reported.

By her calculations, she said, men earned a monthly salary of R113 702.49 on average compared to… wait for it, less than a third of that for women, at R33 000. 

Kula-Ameyaw alleged that even within the men’s game, the discrepancies were extremely high depending on race. Again, by her calculations:

  • White players: R156‚216
  • Black players: R114‚191
  • Indians players: R105‚209 
  • Coloureds players: R79‚194.

We’re shook. Looks like these hearings were long overdue, but thank goodness they’re finally happening. 

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