Melting cables, record heat waves: climate change is here.

Every few months a new report is released or a Very Important Global Body issues a dire warning: climate change is real and we must act now to mitigate its effects. For many of us, though, it remains an abstract concept; a future calamity that might still be held at bay. But this week, as temperatures in parts of Canada – yes, the wintry land of ice hockey and snow – hit record highs and streetcar cables MELTED across the US border in Portland, Oregon, a sobering reality set in for some.

The climate is already changing, and our warming world has very real human consequences. Extreme heat kills. It wrecks infrastructure. And it is happening, in real time, in cities around the globe. Here at explain, we like to offer solutions and constructive ideas. But we also know it’s crucial to tell it like it is. Read as much as you can about what’s happening and about how best to prepare yourself, your family and your community for a shifting climate. There’s no going back – but we can move forward together and try to help each other out.

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